What I’ve done… so far

October 14, 2009

52. Train to Częstochowa for more family time.
  • Visited Padre Pio sanctuary, castle ruins in Olsztyn.
51. Train to Łódź, hung out with my brother.
50. Family time in Józefów, near Warsaw.
  • Visited castle ruins in Czersk, town of Góra Kalwaria.
49. Train to Warsaw, bus to the airport to pick up my brother!!
48. Drove back to Częstochowa, train to Łódź.
47. Skiing in the Czech Republic: Červenohorské sedlo, Ramzová.
46. Train to Częstochowa, drove to Nysa.
45. Train to Warsaw, weekend with grandma/aunt.
44. Drove back to Kraków, train back to Łódź.
43. Skiing in the High Tatras: Bachledova and Strachan.
42. Train to Kraków, bus to Zakopane, taxi to Ždiar, Slovakia.
41. Train to Warsaw, spent time with grandma for her birthday/imieniny.
40. Train back to Łódź.
39. Bus back to Kraków, Avatar 3D with Micajah and Tristan.
38. Skiing on Białka Tatrzańska, Polana Szymoszkowa.
37. Train to Kraków, bus to Zakopane the next morning.
36. Train to Częstochowa, spent the night at my family’s home.
35. Gallery: Ośrodek Propagandy Sztuki with Sabina.
34. Bus back to Łódź, train to Warsaw to take down the Rugs Attack exhibition.
33. Frankfurt am Main
  • Heimtextil trade show.
  • Zeil Strasse
  • MMK – Museum für Moderne Kunst (Modern Art Museum)
32. Muzeum Etnograficzny i Archeologiczny, Łódź.
31. Train back to Łódź with my aunt! Sightseeing, shopping, M3 Art Museum.
30. Opening night of Rugs Attack: czyli inwazja dywanów na Skwer in Warsaw!
30. Train back to Józefów to prepare for exhibition!
29. Train to Częstochowa for New Year’s! Szopka na Jasnej Górze.
28. Train to Józefów for Christmas! Szopka na Miodowej.
27. Train to Kraków to show Annie the city before she leaves for England! Toured the rynek, St. Mary’s.
26. Back to Łódź, Micajah–fellow Fulbrighter–came to visit– sightseeing, ice skating, M3 Art Museum, housewarming party.
25. Took a train to Częstochowa for my cousin, Mateusz’s birthday!! Saw 2012 at the movies.
24. Łódź PLUS Camerimage Festival: Niceland.
23. Looked at an apartment on Piotrkowska, signed contract, moved in– all with the help of my aunt!
22. Got sick! Went to the doctor, found out I had a throat/ear infection! Got antibiotics.
21. Looked at an apartment with my aunt, drove to Józefów for the weekend. Train back to Łódź.
20.  Took a train to Kraków to meet up with Micajah, a fellow Fulbrighter. Thanksgiving dinner at the Consul General’s Residence.
Train back to Łódź.
19. Saw Andrew Bird in Chorzów with Annie (British ERASMUS student). Spent the night in Katowice, toured the city by foot.
18. Field trip to Białystok to visit the Agnella carpet factory.
17. Went for a play called, “Horror vacui” at the Teatr Nowy with Beata. Nov 14th
16. Went to the Artur Rubenstein Łódź Philharmonic for a violin concert and the Teatr Nowy for a play called, “Słońce w kuchni” with Mike and Beata! Nov 6th/7th
15. Took a train back to Łódź.
14. Took a train from Kraków to Częstochowa for All Saint’s Day.
  • Visited the graves of my grandparents in Częstochowa.
  • Drove to Działoszyn to the graves of my great grandparents.
  • Visited the crypts in Jasna Góra.

13. Took a train to Kraków from Łódź to visit my cousin.

  • Visited St. Mary’s Basilica, St. Barbara’s Church (Jesuit), All Saints Church/St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral, St. Giles (Dominican), Basilica of the Holy Trinity and Dominican Monastery, St. Francis of Assisi Basilica (Franciscan), St. Andrew’s Church and Poor Clares’ convent.
  • Kopiec Kościuszki (Kościuszko Mound)
12. Took a train back to Łódź.
11. Took a train from Łódź to Częstochowa.
  • Attended/took part in (as a sponsor) my cousin’s Confirmation.
  • Attended a play at the theater in Częstochowa entitled, “Nocną porą.”

10. Took a train back to Łódź.

  • First day of class in the Carpet and Gobelin Studio (Pracownia Dywanu i Gobelinu) at the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts (Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w im.Władysława Strzemińskiego, or ASP for short).
  • Tour of the city with ERASMUS students.
  • Moved into the Student House of the Academy of Fine Arts.
  • Took a paper-making class with ERASMUS students.
  • Started weaving on the gobelin looms with Pan Zygmunt!
9. Took a train to Warszawa to pick up my portfolio from the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission and a suitcase full of my RISD work from my family’s house in Józefów.

8. Drove to Łódź.

  • Settled into my temporary apartment.
  • Inauguration of the school year at the Poznański Palace.
  • Met my professor, Prof. Jolanta Rudzka-Habisiak, and her assistant, asys. mgr Izabela Walczak, at a series of gallery openings at my host institution, the Władysła

7. Drove back to my family in Józefów.

  • Day trip to Łazienki Park in Warszawa, visited the Royal Weaving Workshops.
  • w Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts.

6. Took a train to Bydgoszcz, where I was picked up by my dad’s cousin. Drove around the city, then drove to his wife’s family home in the town of Żnin.

  • Day trip to Biskupin.
  • Jesień na Pałukach festival in Żnin’s town-square.

5. Took a bus from Warszawa to Poznań with my fellow Fulbrighters for the week-long orientation program.

  • Day trips to Dziekanowice, Lednica, Gniezno, and Biskupin.
  • Day trips to Kórnik and Rogalin.

4. Took a train back to Warszawa (spent the night in Józefów) for my Fulbright Meeting at the U.S. Embassy the next day.

3. Took a train from Warszawa to Częstochowa to spend another week with my family there.                                        –

  • Day trip to Koszęcin.

2. Took the train to Warszawa where I was picked up by my aunt. Drove to the red dot right near Warszawa: Józefów, where my dad’s family lives (about 20 km from central Warszawa).

  • Day trip to Łódź to see my school.
  • Day trip to Kazimierz Dolny, Nałęczów, and Lublin.
  • Day trip to the Royal Palace in Wilanów.

1. Flew into Warszawa (Warsaw), immediately drove to Częstochowa, to spend a week with my mom’s family.

  • Trip to Kraków and the Wieliczka Salt Mine.
  • Day trip to the castles in Olsztyn, Bobolice, Mirów, Ogrodzieniec, Siewierz.