Poland Votes for President

June 20, 2010

Today — June 20th, 2010 — marked election day in Poland. After the sudden and unexpected death of Lech Kaczyński on April 10, 2010, the world’s second oldest constitution (after that of the United States) called for the Marshal of the Sejm–thereafter Acting President–to declare an election date within two weeks. The election would then take place within the next 60 days. June 20th marked this day.

Polls opened at 6am and the last votes were cast at 8pm. The initial survey results were then publicized.

As of now, according to TVP (the Fox equivalent in Poland),  Bronisław Komorowski (Acting President, Platforma Obywatelska candidate) received 40.7% while Jarosław Kaczyński (twin brother of the former president, Prawo i Sprawiedliwość candidate) received 35.8%.

According to TVN (the NBC equivalent in Poland), Komorowski received 45.7% and Kaczyński received 33.2%.

Results will undoubtedly change after actual counting takes place.

Without any candidate receiving a clear majority of votes, a second round of voting will take place in two weeks– on July 4th.

With more than 30 million of Poland’s 38 million citizens who are registered to vote, voter turnout was only 54.4%.


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