Presence: Accompanying Exhibition to the Tapestry Triennial

May 23, 2010

I wanted to post pictures from a very special accompanying exhibition to the 13th edition of the International Tapestry Triennial.

“Presence” (Obecność) presents the works of Lidia Choczaj and Andrzej Rajch (1948-2009). I joined Professor Choczaj’s Experimental Textiles Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts at the beginning of the second semester, and have grown to appreciate her unique approach to teaching and creating textile art. Her own work features unconventional materials including glass, fishing line, paper, etc. This experimentation in her own work is then brought into the classroom, as a teacher. I have seen fellow students using balloons, metal nuts and bolts, paper, wooden veneer, etc. The creativity she inspires in her students in amazing and is only encouraged by her positive attitude and warm personality. Her work in this exhibition is being shown together with that of Andrzej Rajch, who for many years worked as head of the Textiles Department at the academy. Professor Rajch passed away last year and this exhibition is a celebration of his creative output. The work of both artists came together spectacularly in this gallery (Ośrodek Propagandy Sztuki).

Lidia Choczaj's jacquards suspended from the gallery's ceiling

Lidia Choczaj's incredible piece made from glass and ribbon

Lidia Choczaj

Far right: wife of the late Andrzej Rajch, to her left: Lidia Choczaj.

Lidia Choczaj

Lidia Choczaj

Lidia Choczaj

Lidia Choczaj

Lidia Choczaj

Andrzej Rajch (in front, Małgorzata Wróblewska-Markiewicz: Head of the Department of Artistic Textiles at the Central Museum of Texiles.)

Andrzej Rajch: gobelin

Andrzej Rajch: jacquard

Andrzej Rajch: jacquard

Andrzej Rajch


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