International Tapestry Triennial!

May 12, 2010

So, this week is basically one big textile party. 2010 marks the 13th edition of the International Tapestry Triennial, being held here in Łódź, at the Central Museum of Textiles.

It’s the only kind of tapestry exhibition of its kind left in the world. (The first was in Lausanne, Switzerland and the next was in Kyoto, Japan.) The opening was on Monday and the exhibition, itself, was held in the museum’s ultra-modern wing.

130 artists from 51 countries took part in the exhibition. The Grand Prix winner was Anne-Gry Løland (Norway) for “Monuments.” It was pretty cool– pieces of fabric were stitched into a netting to create one big floating, netted picture. Hard to explain, but take a look.

The two silver medalists were Kari Dyrdal (Norway) for “The History of Jacquard-lingo”

and Izabel Wyrwa (Poland) for her incredible piece, “Something in the air.”

The three bronze medalists were:

Peter Horn (Germany) for his piece, “Orion Nebula”

Dzintra Vilks (Lithuania) for her piece, “A Meeting of the World Torn by Winds”

and Konrad Zych (Poland) for his piece, “Penetration.”

Remember Zygmunt Łukaszewicz? He taught me everything I know about gobelin weaving. Well, he got the Central Museum of Textiles Medal!! His gobelin was absolutely beautiful–so bold. Sort of a Georgia O’Keefe-esque closeup of a flower, but more akin to a landscape of sorts.

The Award of the Union of Polish Artists “Polish Applied Arts” went to Lia Altman (Russia) for her piece, “Clear Sky.” Definitely caught my eye– given my interest in social/political history… well, and technically it was amazing– all those dudes are woven.

The AKAPI Foundation Award for the best debut of an artist at the 13th Tapestry Triennial went to Paweł Kiełpiński (Poland) for his untitled piece.

There were also numerous honorable mentions:
“The Burning III” by Regina V. Benson (USA)

“Towards the top,”  by T. Doromby Mária (Hungary)

“Exploding figure,” by Stephen Hunter (United Kingdom). (This piece was made from wooden dowels bound together/wrapped with black iron binding wire, suspended in the air.)

“Track II” by Andy Klančič (Slovenia.) This was made of wire held together with thread. It was so beautifully quiet– like a floating pencil drawing.

“And afterall, Blue” by Ewa Żychska Latkowska (Poland) ***Professor of the Papermaking Studio at my school!!***

“Spring Love” by Maximo Laura (Peru)

“My road- Relief” by Piotr Rędziniak (Poland)

There will definitely be follow-up posts about the triennial. This is just an intro. The opening was so chaotic and packed full of people– it was hard to give each piece the attention it deserved. Plus, there were 130 of them.

Here’s a selection of pictures from the 3rd (top) floor of the exhibition… more to follow.

This piece was absolutely incredible– embroidered car doors by Severija Inčirauskaitė – Kriaunevičienė of Lithuania. She punched holes in old car doors and cross-stitched into them.

The next piece is by Chika Ohgi of Japan. It’s entitled “Vague Sense of Distance.” Really cool and so powerful.

The next piece, “Eve, Ava, Marguerite, Salome” is by Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen of Finland. Corsets made from candy wrappers.

The museum also organized the 11th edition of the Polish National Exhibition of Tapestry. Two assistants from my school (the Academy of Fine Arts, here in Łódź) took part in it!! Dominika Krogulska-Czekalska (assistant to Prof. dr hab. Lidia Choczaj in the Experimental Textiles Studio) had her piece, “Creative Disintegration of Structure-Garland DNA” displayed.

And Magda Soboń, assistant to Professor Ewa Latkowska-Żyska in the Papermaking Studio, had her huge black “Sun” exhibited as well. 

I will be posting more pictures from this exhibit soon!

The museum also organized the 9th edition of the Polish National Exhibition of Textile Miniatures. Iza Walczak, assistant to Professor Jolanta Rudzka Habisiak of the Carpet and Gobelin Studio, had one of her miniatures on display!

Look out for future posts about the accompanying exhibitions to the Tapestry Triennial!!!


10 Responses to “International Tapestry Triennial!”

  1. Teresa Albor Says:

    Great summary Monica! And great to meet you there– thanks for sticking me in the taxi as I left in tears.

  2. Steve Hunter Says:


    If you have any photographs of my work in the exhibition I’d be grateful if you could email me them. The weaving is with iron binding wire, not cotton, round wooden dowel. The pieces are the burned.


  3. […] ondernamen een lange en wonderlijke reis via Berlijn naar Lodz om de opening bij te wonen. Op dit andere blog vind je een mooi […]

  4. mandy gunn Says:

    For us in far off Australia it was good to see some pics of this event. If you are back in Lodz it wd be great to see some pics of my own work.
    Thanks Mandy Gunn

  5. Sue Weir Says:

    This is fabulous! It’s great to be able to see some of the exhibition when you are not able to attend – many thanks. (I live in NZ.)

    Sue Weir

  6. Monique Says:

    I like your pictures. Please send me full resolution picture of modern wing and wyrwa. You took better pictures then me. I will give you credit i winter issue of Fiberarts magazine. I am writing story about Triennale for them.

  7. Monique Says:

    Do you know if Loland cut her work by hand or laser?

  8. ixchel Says:

    just fabulous! congratulations to all the wonderful participants! when is the entry for the 14th triennial??? I would love to try to make it in.
    I live in Canada
    Ixchel Suarez

  9. ixchel Says:

    I studied in Lodz long time ago with Ewa Latkowska and Jolanta Wagner….all the best to my wonderful teachers!

  10. porfirio gutierrez Says:

    Great blog!!
    The triennial 14 is coming up and I would to submit my work, do you know if they have submission forms in English or Spanish?p
    I’m textile artist from Mexico

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