February 20, 2010

I thought I would dedicate an entire post to… snow– and the insane amounts that have come down in Poland this year.

My entire family is convinced that I’ve brought the snow with me, since they can’t remember the last time they’ve had a winter like this. To which I say, excellent. I like cold weather: the fresh air, the gorgeous white snow, the incredible quality of light, the motivation to get places quickly and efficiently, the layered clothing… I even like dogs that like this kind of temperature. I can go on and on. As long as you make the best of it–go outside, ski a little, plow some snow, and not sit inside all winter long, it’s really a great time of year…. although a tropical climate never hurt anyone.

The eastern part of Poland, along with areas around Warsaw have seen the most snow this winter. To be more specific, the Mazowieckie and Lubelskie provinces of Poland got absolutely walloped.As I’ve mentioned before in my posts, my dad’s family lives just outside of Warsaw, in a town called Józefów. The amount of snow they’ve gotten this year is incredible. My aunt even decided to buy a snow blower. I took some pictures this past weekend just to give you an idea…

Plowing snow from the driveway.

The beautiful dogs that live across the street, intently watching me plow snow.


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