Working Away in the Weaving Studio…

October 27, 2009

I thought I’d share some pictures of the weaving studio (Pracownia Nicielnicowa) at the Academy of Fine Arts!  krosna

Here’s the gobelin loom on which I’ll be weaving this year…


Here I am at work on my gobelin loom. There are two pedals that I step on to raise and lower the warp yarns (the vertical white yarns).


Here’s a closeup of the sumak weaving technique — it’s very time consuming. The weft is wrapped around each individual warp yarn, and then held in place with a plain weave. There  of course are variations, you can wrap the weft around every other warp yarn or every third warp yarn… but I think it looks best when it’s wrapped around every single one.


This is a gobelin frame…. for hardcore tapestry weaving. It’s just a wooden frame with nails at the top and bottom, around which the warp yarns are threaded. I think I’ll end up using one of these frames for the bigger piece I’m designing. I’m planning on using thick yarns and ropes, so I can thread the frame with thicker warp yarns that are spaced farther apart… I can’t really do that on a loom. Also, when weaving on a frame, you can weave in one area , really building it up. Later, you can weave around it to fill in the empty areas.  You can’t really do that on a loom… at least not to the extent you can on a frame. You need to weave fully across on a loom. That means that in one pick (one row across) you might be using 3 different wefts, all in different techniques. It gets confusing.


And the man himself — Pan Zygmunt Łukaszewicz — preparing a frame for weaving. He’s the one teaching me all the new weaving techniques. He’s a master at his craft. He’s got pieces in museums all over the world — Belgium, Switzerland, etc. He will be exhibiting work at the Tapestry Trienniale in the Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź.


Pan Zygmunt showed us the coat he’s working on for a client. It’s hand woven on a gobelin frame. He even let me try it on…


Fun stuff, this weaving business!


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