Family Time in Częstochowa

October 22, 2009

On Wednesday, I took a train from Łódź to Częstochowa to spend some time with my mom’s family. And, most importantly, to be my cousin’s sponsor for his Confirmation. We never get to be together for these kind of things… there’s always 4000 miles (or so) separating us. Anyway, I was the only female sponsor for a boy! (Aside from a nun who was her brother’s sponsor… but come on). I was the only girl in the pews reserved for the boys’ sponsors! (My purple coat didn’t do much for helping me to blend in either). It took a lot of persuading to get the priest who was preparing my cousin for his Confirmation to let him pick me as his sponsor… boys typically have male sponsors and girls have females as their sponsors. So, I shook things up in Częstochowa — of all places. =)

By the way, Confirmation is one of the seven sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church– performed by anointing the forehead with oil. This sacrament bestows the gifts of the Holy Spirit upon the confirmed and marks them as a full member of the Church. The candidate picks the name of a saint he admires (or in my cousin’s case, the only saint he can recall when asked) to be his patron saint… silly boy. =)


All I really had to do was stand behind my cousin, with my right hand on his right shoulder. (Note all the boys around me).


This is the bishop of Częstochowa, Bishop Antoni Józef Długosz, confirming my cousin Mateusz as Krzysztof (Christopher).


I adore this photograph.

familyMe (in my purple coat) with my cousin and aunt. I’m so happy I could play some part in my cousin’s life this one time…

It’s hard living so far away from your family– normally, of course, because I’m here for a whole year now! =)


One Response to “Family Time in Częstochowa”

  1. Wow! Your cousin is getting so big! It is so nice that he asked you to be his sponsor! My Paul asked me too! I love to purple coat and the long hair!

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