My Very Own Gobelin Loom!

October 21, 2009

In my previous post, I mentioned being frustrated with idleness. Well, let me tell you– I got myself going. All I really wanted was for someone to sit down with me at a gobelin loom, show me the basic techniques and let me play. And that’s exactly what I got…

I went back to the Paper-making Studio and chatted up the professor and her assistant. I told them how I felt a little useless at this point and that I’d really like for someone to show me how to weave on a gobelin loom so I can get going. Afterall, tapestry weaving is a long process… the sooner I get going, the more I can get done. At that moment, Pan Zygmunt Łukaszewicz walked in. He’s the school’s all-around gobelin weaving master. It was going to be either him or Iza (my professor’s assistant) who was going to teach me the techniques. Right away, we set up a one-on-one appointment for the next day and he agreed to show me what he knows! Just like that.

When I got to the studio the next day, Pan Zygmunt started me off right away. He showed me my loom, on which I’ll be weaving this year, and showed me how to weave a basic plain weave to finish off the weaving that was already on the loom. Pan Wojtek, who’s in charge of the jacquard looms, hung around as well. He’s quite the character. Recall the lesson in Polish formality in my previous post? He throws it out the window. He’s super laid-back and really funny. He showed me around the yarn room and let me take whatever I wanted to weave with… very cool. After that, I went at it. I made a quick sketch for a design — an abstraction of embroidery patterns I’ve been looking at — and drew out the pattern on the warp yarns. And then I started weaving! I heard some lady come into the studio and ask Pan Zygmunt who I was and he answered, “Oh, that’s the American going nuts on the loom.” And, indeed. I got about 2 inches woven…. hopefully, my beginner’s pace will pick up with time. =)


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