New Link: Article about the Polish art scene

October 16, 2009

Check out this incredible article by Jakub Banasiak for Flash Art magazine entitled, “What is to be Done?”

It’s about how the contemporary Polish art scene is in what the author calls, an in-between period, “when the new has not fully emerged yet and the old still remains alive.” I mentioned that in my last blog entry, as well. But this in-between-ness is not just in art… it’s really visible everywhere, even while on daily errands. You need to ask the store clerk to hand you what you want. You have all the newest products that are out on the market, but that left-over bureaucratic confoundedness is still alive and well. (Granted, this is in small local grocery shops. Nevermind Real, or even Biedronka for that matter).

This fascinating ‘in-between phenomenon’ brought me here in the first place… (I really need to post my project description). There’s just one thing I didn’t like in this article… it might just be personal sentiment talking, but I oftentimes–as in this case–find Poles extremely self-critical (or on the other hand, overly defensive)… I think there is the possibility of another eruption of Polish art. The lack of expectation the author expresses and senses might just spur its development. I am by no means an expert in Polish art — it’s hard to be when you haven’t been in-country — but I sense a change on the horizon. Furthermore, that in-between-ness is a key factor, I feel. Isn’t that strange… what one person cites as a source of stagnation, another sees as potential for inspiration….

A BIG thank you to Lori who shared this article with me!!


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