First Week: Żużel Semi-Finals

September 1, 2009

So, I went to the semi-finals in Speedway with my cousin Mateusz. It’s basically drag-racing, but in circles. The turf they ride on is made of gravel, that’s why it’s called żużel. The home team, Włókniarz Częstochowa, was competing against Unia Leszno for a place in the finals. Here are some pictures.

round single

Four bikers go around the stadium four times… this guy was way out in front.


Because it was the semi-finals, there were so many people! The kids in the front would duck every time the bikers drove past because we all got showered with dirt and rocks on that turn.


These were the security guards, aka ninjas. The visiting fan club, Unia Leszno, arrived and left from a separate entrance and sat in a designated area. The “ninjas” made sure that these fans left only after the stadium was empty. Things get rough with sports fans…

me n mati

My cousin, Mateusz, and I… we had so much fun!


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