Arrival in Poland

August 26, 2009

I flew into Warsaw today. Aside from it being THE worst experience I’ve ever had on a plane (imprisoned in the window seat for 5 hours next to a Nigerian woman who stuck her chicken dinner into her purse and kept getting frustrated because I couldn’t understand her), I got to Warsaw in one piece and 1.5 hours before my parents and brother. Why did we take separate flights you ask? Because the Fulbright Program requires grantees to use a U.S. flag carrier. Anyway, my aunt and grandma (dad’s side of the family) and my uncle (mom’s side) met us at the Fryderyk Chopin International Airport in Warsaw. And since I was to stay in Poland for a whole year, my aunt and grandma took three of my 4 suitcases back to their house for storage, while I took one, strategically packed suitcase with me to Częstochowa. (How did I do it? Four suitcases when airlines only allow 2 per person?! I checked in two, and my parents each checked in theirs, plus one of mine…ohhh, luggage restrictions…)

So, we parted ways… my aunt and grandma (plus my three suitcases) drove off to Józefów, a town about 20 km from Warszawa central, and my uncle, my family, and I drove off to Częstochowa. It took us about 3.5 hours. MAP WS-CZ

My aunt and my two cousins were waiting for us when we got there. Many kisses, hugs, and tears ensued…


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